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How To Succeed Where Others Fail This is a guide to creating loving, stable stepfamily relationships. Written by a psychologist and stepmother, this book is for stepparents who want to make the most of their situation and learn how to be resilient, happy, and confident in their relationship with their spouse and their stepchildren. The stories in this volume are drawn from clients that the author has counseled as well as her own adventurous life as a stepparent. To other struggling stepparents who feel they are drowning in their situation, she offers hope, encouragement, and realistic coping strategies. She provides proven techniques that help individuals succeed in their new marriages, build caring relationships with their stepchildren, and bolster their emotional life in general. 

"This gem of a book reveals how stepparenting, in spite of the pitfalls, can be done well and be immensely rewarding for the whole family." Richard Levak, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Personality Expert

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In March 2015, Dr. Diana Weiss-Wisdom was featured in this blog and podcast​!

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“The Most Important Key to Blending Families:Time"​

“ Wisdom on Step-parenting"​